UCLA's Largest Political Organization

Bruin Democrats


Years of Political Advocacy

Since 1960, Bruin Democrats have come together to discuss politics, meet and hear from politicians, phone bank and write letters to our elected representatives, participate in debates, and attend local events as well as the annual California Democratic Convention.


Our Mission

  1. To stimulate young people with an active interest in governmental affairs and promote their involvement in the political process.

  2. To promote the acquisition of political power by young people, and to promote the policies and practices which are consistent with Democratic values.

  3. To increase the efficiency of popular government and to provide the highest degree of justice and social welfare for the citizens of our country.

  4. To act as the principal representative of Democratic policies, elected officials, and values to the UCLA student body.

  5. To reach out to entering freshmen and transfer students, and provide a safe, fun, and enriching experience for all Bruin Democrats members.



Join Bruin Democrats to help make a difference in our city, state, and country.


Meet with representatives to talk about the issues that matter to you.


Meet people who care about politics, just like you.


Our Programs

Beyond weekly meetings on Wednesdays from 6-7PM in the Kerckhoff State Rooms (131), we have plenty of interesting and engaging events that are open to all UCLA students.



Once a quarter the Bruin Political Union hosts a debate between Bruin Democrats and Bruin Republicans on three different topics. In the past topics have included funding higher education, immigration, and the tax plan. 


On top of discussing and learning about politics, we like to make Bruin Democrats a family. We will occasionally have dinners in Westwood and other fun socials to ensure we bond together as a club. 

Phone Banking

Once Bruin Democrats has decided to endorse a candidate running for office, we will host phone banks to help increase support for them. 

California Democratic Convention

Each year Bruin Democrats goes on a weekend trip to the California Democratic Convention where we are able to attend caucuses, network, and get closer with one another. 


Get Involved

The success of Bruin Democrats is contingent upon the involvement and support of people like you. Consider joining our club, attending our events, or donating to help the Democratic cause. 


Join Bruin Democrats

Become involved in the college Democratic scene at UCLA.

Volunteer opportunities

We have a large network full of opportunities that our members can take advantage of. 

Make a Donation

Every donation counts, and we appreciate your generosity.